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Sissie Lola

Niles Elementary School, Fremont Unified
1st Grade Teacher
Niles Elementary School, Fremont, CA
Since I was in grade school, I had always wanted to be a teacher. Years later and after much personal heartache and change, I got on track at Cal State, Hayward, CA and declared my undergrad major in Liberal Studies (education sector) in 1993. Four years later with a B.A., an M.A. in Education, and two teacher licenses from Cal State and Mills, College, I entered my very own classroom for the first time. Would you believe that was 20 years ago? Like many other educators, I have and continue to see, to participate, and experience changes in many facets of education. Recalling back, I did not have one device in my classroom until a few years later. Several Curriculum Series District Program Adoptions, Strategies & Techniques, School materials & supplies, Student & Teacher Communities, Administrators, Communication & Technology, Curriculum Standards to currently transitioning to today's classroom where students who are lead by their interest, collaboration among peers, problem solving, and creative means... expanding their knowledge using 21st Century Tech Skills & Resource (including Online Blended Learning) based on CCSS/State, ISTE, and iNACOL Standards. As I reflect on my experiences as a "Season Teacher," there is one thing that has not change. That is, my commitment to my students, their families, and my colleagues as being the best educator I can possibly be... In my Professional Learning Tribe, I am an affiliate of a few organizations like Silicon Valley CUE, East Bay CUE, ISTE, OER, CUE Rock Star Teacher, #K2CanToo, FUDTA, CTA, NEA, and striving for my next endeavor, Google Teacher Certification 1 and more. I am a TRUE LIFE LEARNER. I want to be informed and open to change (with careful consideration). I love to share out what I have experienced and learned from classes, workshops, online classes, colleagues, classroom occurrences and more with others like Twitter, FB, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and …

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